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Ruger SR9c

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Just purchased a Ruger SR9c. Anybody out there have one they can tell me about it?
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I shot one at the range a while back and thought it was an impressive little gun. It shot well and was a nice size for CCW. Very light and thin, too. It should carry comfortably. Hope you enjoy yours.:)
They are very nice little guns, for sure.:) Ruger got this one right.
You'll like it Tom. I can almost guarantee that, however if you don't, I'm sure one of us would enjoy have another.:) Don't think that's gonna come into play, though. Only useful advice I can offer is to clean it well before heading to the range, especially including the firing pin and channel. Also, be sure and try both the pinky extension and flat base plate. Mine came with the pinky extension installed and I thought I liked it until I changed it out and learned it wasn't necessary for me. I'm sure that's different for each person, but I found the gun gripped just fine without it and it's big enough to get in the way of CC. Hope to get another range report soon.:)
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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