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Ruger Super Blackhawk

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I have been playing with loads for my 44 subgunfan has helped me out some. The problem I ran into was severe leading with .429 255gr SWC correct me if I am wrong SGF. Well I checked my cylinders and for some reason someone has opened them up or something to .431 to .432 supposed to have been a new gun from a Ruger rep wrong I got it home and had to clean the suit off of it. .429's fell through it. I was told not to try bigger bullets but everything I have researched has told me to do so. My first loads were 240gr SWC .432 from Dardas great bullets by the way over 20gr. of 2400 . No signs of leading and at 40yds put all six in a small bull touching each other. Could anyone guess at velocity all I want is a good deer sized load out to 50yds right now I just want it to be adequate (plenty of knock down) humanely dispatch deer.
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Larger bullets seal better...only way to know proper size is slug your barrel

20 grains 2400 240 grain lead about 1200 fps per Lyman 49th edition

max load 12.6

Plink and target shoot with cast lead...hunt with jacketed...I'm assuming you desire rapid expansion
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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