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Rules for the Classifieds

Discussion in 'Rules of the Classifieds' started by Hammer, Apr 24, 2009.

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    All federal, state and local laws must be followed when dealing with firearms transactions. It is the buyers and sellers responsibility to make sure all applicable laws are adhered to. MS Gun Owners and its staff and owner assume no responsibility whatsoever for any transactions that take place through the MSGO Classifieds. By using the classifieds, you agree to take full responsibility for any aspect of the transaction.

    Dealer ads are allowed. The only thing that is asked of dealers is that a break of some type be given to forum members for items placed for sale on this board, (i.e. free shipping, a discounted price, etc.) This is not a requirement, just a request.

    No commercial type ads (such as the deal of the week,or gun for sale at XYZ gun shop, etc.)

    Anyone wanting to post an advertisement must be a member for 3 days, and have 15 posts outside of the classified section. This goes for all forums within the classified section

    If you would like to skip this 3 day grace period and 15 post minimum we offer a MSGO Supporter membership, this can be found at

    Please give your location so prospective buyers/sellers know where you are located. If not a specific county/city, at least a general area!!

    All For Sale ads must have a price. (No price needed for items that are strictly up for trade.)

    All For Sale/For Trade ads must have a picture included when the item is put up for sale, not tomorrow, later today, etc. Any ad without accompanying pics will be deleted and a PM sent to the poster explaining why the ad was removed.

    Ads will be automatically removed after 14 days of no replies to a topic in the Classifieds sections. If your item is still up for sale and the ad gets deleted, feel free to re-post the ad.

    Members are able to open a topic, but members will not be able to reply to the topic created by someone else.This is an effort to keep clutter and comments off of an ad. All transactions and discussions will be done via PM or email. The seller of an item will be able to edit their ad to include clarification, additional information, etc.

    MSGO staff is in no way liable for any transaction that takes place through the Classifieds of this forum. If a transaction falls through, the MSGO staff will not get involved. The transaction is between the seller and the buyer and will remain that way. You may leave feedback concerning a transaction if you wish.

    Guys, if you transact business in this section, be it buying, selling or trading, we expect you to act honorably and to treat the other party or parties in your transaction as you wish to be treated.

    The condition of items for sale or trade should be described in an accurate and honest fashion. Problems and flaws worthy of note should not be concealed. A lie by omission is still a lie.

    Members, if you enter into an agreement with another member through these Classfieds, the details of the transaction should be agreed upon before money or merchandise changes hands. MSGO staff will not get involved in a transaction that goes south due to mis-communication.

    Buyers should send payment promptly. To my mind, this means payment should be received by the seller within seven days after an agreement is struck, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.

    Sellers should ship merchandise promptly. To me, this means shipment within seven days after payment is received, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.

    Response to queries by the other party should be prompt. Responses to PM's or emails should be made within 24 hours, unless mitigating circumstances exist.

    MSGO expects everyone who uses this section to, quite simply, do the right thing, and we believe we all know what that is when it comes to matters where money and property are involved.

    Any member who seriously violates these rules may be banned from the forum. This is at the discretion of MSGO staff.

    Pay quickly, ship quickly, respond to emails quickly, be open and honest in your dealings here, or conduct your business elswhere.

    (Some of these rules are copied from Thanks Mike!)
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