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The Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency area is for the discussion of and sharing of ideas and knowledge that pertain to preparing for emergency situations, surviving in the aftermath of a disaster, or becoming more self sufficient.

This is not for discussions about government conspiracy, black helicopters, aliens from Mars, or tin foil hat talk. That type of discussion belongs to the Round Table or General Off Topic area.

Arnygollott3 hit the nail on the head with this comment:
arnygollott3 said:
… this should be a survival forum...NOT too heavy in 'causes' and 'conspiracies' (meaning little or NONE at all) as to why we might be in a survival mode. People who want to prep know why they need to already, 'preppers' are just looking for more information on how to do it...not the WHY of it, they have already come to that conclusion...
The type of discussions that should be here should be along the lines of:
Self Sufficiency:
What are you doing to rely less on public services and live off of what you make or grow?
What kind of things do you do, LEGALLY, to cut back on utility costs?
How do you grow your garden? What is in your garden? How do you preserve the food you grow?

What do you do to prepare for a disaster, either natural or man-made?
How do you store water and food? What kind of supplies do you keep at the ready in the event of a pending disaster? What weapons do you keep ready? Do you have a “ready bag” or “bug-out-bag”? How do you pack/stock it?

What plans have you made to survive in the aftermath of a disaster, either natural or man-made? How do you plan on taking care of your family in the aftermath? How do you plan on providing shelter and sustainable food and water for yourself and family?

These are just general ideas.
As stated, we don’t need to discuss WHY we are preparing or want to prepare. We are discussing HOW we are preparing or HOW we plan to prepare.

The Staff of MSGO will keep close tabs on this forum to make sure it stays on course.
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