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S&W 642 snub .38sp +P

Discussion in 'Sold' started by flyinrev, May 9, 2016.

  1. flyinrev

    flyinrev Distinguished Poster

    Bought approx 1.5 years ago; about 200 rounds through it. Gunsmith-installed trigger kit; very nice 5.5 pound smooth trigger pull (better than Ruger LCR). Comes with pocket holster, two speedloaders, 15 rounds of self defense ammo and all original packaging. $450
  2. Hrdnox

    Hrdnox Distinguished Poster

    Gotta get a picture up Bud. Else they'll delete it again. Just trying to be helpful, not a nuisance. Board requires pics of all for sale items.

  3. flyinrev

    flyinrev Distinguished Poster

    Here she is..

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