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S&W 669

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I have a S&W model 669 9mm. The only issue I have is that the hammer has no spur which makes it difficult to thumb cock. Someone told me that they thought a hammer from a 659 will fit the 669. Can any of you guys verify if this is true or not? And how much trouble would it be to swap out the parts.
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You are correct in that they are designed as DAO. When the selector is moved to safe the weapon will decock and cannot be recocked while in the safe position. But if the selector is moved to the fire position the weapon may be cocked and will remain cocked until fired or the selector returned to the safe position.
Don't want to "run" cocked and locked. I'll save that for the 1911.
I just find it handy at the range to fire the first round SA because of the rather stiff DA trigger pull. This gun is primarily a safe queen and usually only comes out for range trips.
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