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S&W 686 4" and good day at range

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S&W 686 4" and good day at range

Missed the match today-22Jan'11...I forgot and was at least gonna show up...Instead I wound up on the Back 40 at Magnolia after meeting another member for the first time and having some good conversation...afterwards I had it all to myself. I began with the .45 but quickly switched to the 686- loaded of course with some Anderson (way back) 158g LSWC .38Spc to test- Do-All .38-.44 Auto Reset. http://www.do-alltraps.com/
It worked fine after I had a moments trouble and realized I had set it up backwards...LOL>then it was plenty good enough. Make sure if you ever use one like this you stake it down good for it needs the stabilizations for the plates to swing right. After a reload I stepped back to the pitchers mound and tried then stepped back a little more. Oops...I missed but next shot there it was(the plates are 4 1/2". Hope I remember that at the February 5th Renegade Steel at Magnolia. I may run the 686 if I can get a couple more speedloaders. I sometimes carry a velcro break pouch on range for extra rounds. Saves bag trips. Only trouble...I only have yesteryear Uncle Mikes duty holders for speedloaders. Saving up to get open-top spring-loaded one of these days if I get to start shooting more again..Feels good to run my favorite gun and know it won't have a hitch...jams, failures to fire, lock-ups, sensitivity to ammo. Just don't try to put .30-06 in it and it's good...LOL
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Re: S&W 686 4" and good day at range

The S&W 686s and older 586s are hard to beat. I wouldn't sell my 6" 586 for anything...........

Oh yeah, it feels good to breakout an "old friend" for some long lost trigger time.............. :)

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