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I recently bought a M&P9c for my new daily carry. So far, so great!

This gun came with 2 magazines. One has a flat floorplate and the other one is extended.

I didn't like that only one of my magazines had the extension. I called S&W to see if I could buy another extended floorplate. The rep told me he would send me one for free! Now it is 2 days later and it's already here!

On top of that, I signed up for a rebate on their website and 2 free magazines are on their way to me! I had the option of choosing $50 cash, but the mags were a better deal.

The M&P has been flawless so far. I will be carrying this one for a long time to come. The wife's new j-frame .38 is doing great (no suprise there) and is really growing on me.

Buy a S&W, you won't be sorry.

Great firearms, great value, great service. S&W has a new fan.
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