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Hopefully this will help someone with the same issue. I searched the internet and it was a common complaint, but everyone was sending the guns to S&W to be fixed so not much info was to be had.

The slide on this little pistol was sticking to the rear while racking but not firing. You could bump the rear of the slide and it would unstick. Cleaning it would help for a short time, but it would start up again once it got a little dirty.

For some reason, the front edge of the disconnector ramp on the slide was manufactured with a smooth contour while the rear ramp edge was made very sharp and steep. The disconnector was hanging up on that sharp edge. I smoothed out the sharp corner slightly and polished the ramp area. It's nice and smooth now. My daughter and I ran a few hundred rounds through it today and no more slide sticking!

Here's the trouble spot. You can see the wear on that sharp edge. That's where it would hang up.

(pic is of the slide before repair)
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