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S&W mod. 37's

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I got a nickel 37-2. considering the blued model 37 also, but i'm wanting a .357mag for stopping power. Any thoughts suggestions? Think i could trade the 37 for a cheaper magnum?
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advanced said:
I'm not confident that .38spl would stop a big dude on dope.
mom worked for the MDOC for 15 years.. one dude was so juiced on crack they shot him like 15 times with ranger 45's and maybe a few 40's goes back inside takes more drugs comes out and they blast him again and he dies.. point of the story it dont matter if you blast him with a 500 sw. If they are cracked out of there mind the only way to stop them is a head shot, or spinal shot. The body is dead the brain just dont know it yet. If you can stack 38's in a 2 inch group when the :shtf: i would take that any day of the week
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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