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S&W Model 39-2

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What do ya'll think of a S&W model 39-2 unfired that, I know of, in the box? no fingerprints on it. Value? Shooting ability?
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with the box and paperwork....
Thanks, I was not trying to sell it...I was just trying to find out a little about it...I have had it for years...
I am not sure if I even want to ever shoot it...what do you think
I do have some pictures...and can put it on here when I get a chance...maybe a little later tonight...if I don't get sleepy..
I know someone at the gun show that was offering to buy it said if he was collecting he would pay more as a collectors item $600 but for him it would be a resale item and he could not give what it was worth. I was not trying to sell it at that anyway. I was just wondering. He did say a collector would pay much more...
It has a very nice feel to it....and I wanted to shoot it but never have. i do keep it loaded...LOL just in case...I had to...very tempting....but I think it may have been shot at least once...by somebody but sure does not look like it...not sure if a cleaning kit ever came with it...it is not in the box but the box is dated 1978.
It does have the paper work and wood grips and parchment paper it was wrapped in and came with two clips...
If I ever did sell or trade it ....it would have to be for something I would shoot...maybe a sig 40 cal.
Good answer....I feel I am getting too old to collect...LOL
Anything other than dust...
That is just a reflection on the slide.
I don't have time anytime soon but maybe when I go to the cabin at the end of the month.
Ok hunting club...in the woods where I can hide then....LOL
1 - 16 of 24 Posts
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