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S&W Model 39-2

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What do ya'll think of a S&W model 39-2 unfired that, I know of, in the box? no fingerprints on it. Value? Shooting ability?
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In the condition you describe, and I hate to share this because I'm looking for one..someday, $500-$600. A piece of history, as it was the first production US made 9mm semi-auto. Many people still carry one daily, despite the zillion other models that followed it.

I suspect you're about to get a great deal. If you don't want it, please pass it on.
It's pretty widely held, at least among S & W enthusiasts, that the Model 39 fits the hand better than any other pistol. If you shoot it you will probably remove $150 in value, but who cares. You don't plan on selling it, hopefully you've made other provisions for the benefit of your eventual heirs, and the gun was made to be used.
Shoot the living heck out of it. Enjoy it, life's too short.

I would love a photo or two. Let us know how it goes.
Thanks for the pic. Saw one at the Jxn show today, didn't have $500. It wasn't as nice as yours. You gonna shoot it?
A model 39-2 AND a cabin! Man, you've got it made. Enjoy.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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