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I've read alot fo the posts here regarding favorite AR15's, but have seen very little about the S&W MP15. Is this because they are relatively new to the AR15 market as compared to the other top brands? Anyone have any good or bad experiences with them? I am looking for my first AR and am leaning heavily toward the S&W mainly due to name recognition and quality of S&W, warranty, and price. I'd appreciate any insights or opinions.


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I have heard the first couple of years the S&W MP15 was built out of parts made by CMT(Stag's parent company) and assemble by Stag for S&W. S&W moved everything in house in 2008. Don't know it that's true or not.

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Check out what you get with it. I had a quad rail with some attachments and an eotech but wish I'd bought one with iron sights. I had one sight (think it was the front) but the rear was on the high side. Everything I've put on it has interchanged with my bushmaster like the BCG but I haven't got down to changing springs and such so I can't tell you.
What do they say on AR15.com?

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Check for gaps on the upper and lower receivers. Some I've seen haven't been fitted all that well. I have a friend who has had one for about a year now and he is happy with it. No issues that he has let on to. I'm personally partial to Rock River, but have a Stag as well. No issues with it either.

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I've owned one in 5.45x39 for over a year and have had no issues. Good shooter and great fit and finish!

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Doug Bowser said:
I have a Rock River NM A2 AR15. I can't see how anyone could improve on it, for the price. 3/4" 10 shot groups off the bench at 100 yards.

I also have a RRA and I agree with Doug. I have had mine for over 4 years and never had a problem. You can find them at better price then the S&W to.

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Think I've narrowed it down to these two. I'm not going to post brand to alleviate bias, but I'm told both are reputable brands with great reputaions.
Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO / .223
Action: Gas Operated Semi Automatic
Capacity: 30 Rounds, 5.56 mm or .223
Overall Length: 35" Extended / 32" Compacted
Stock: 6-Position Telescopic
Forend: Thermo-Set M4 Handguard
Sight Length: 14.75"
Barrel Length: 16"
Barrel Twist: 1 in 9"
Weight (No Mag): 6.74 lbs.
Trigger Pull: 7 lbs. (approx.)
Upper/Lower Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
Chromed Components: Barrel Bore, Gas Key, Bolt Carrier
Receiver and Barrel Finish: Hard Coat Black Anodized
Front Sight: Adjustable Post
Rear Sight: Adjustable Dual Aperature
(A2 carry handle)
I can purchase this weapon from a local, trusted dealer for $980 +tax. This dealer and the gun manufacturer offer a lifetime warranty.

Tactical M4 flat receiver, Machined from a 7075 T6 Mil-Spec Forging with Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish, T-markings, our logo and M4 feed ramps. Mil-Spec Dryfilm lube on the inside.
-Barrel is 4150 Chromoly Vanadium Alloy, M4 barrel extention, Chrome chamber and bore, 5.56mm Nato chamber, 1:7 Twist, Magnetic particle testing on every barrel, Phosphate finish.
-M4 profile with Carbine-length gas system.
-Barrel is Phosphate finished under the F marked A2 front site base. 
-F marked A2 front site base is taper pinned to the barrel.
-The M16 carriers are Chrome lined with a Mil-Spec phosphate finish.
-Forged Mil-Spec carrier key, Chrome lined, attached with Grade 8 hardware and Properly staked.
-MP tested bolt, Each extractor is fitted with a Mil-Spec black insert and Mil-Spec Viton o-ring.
-Forged Mil-Spec charging handle.
-Double heat shield M4 hand guards.
 -A2 Flash Hider.
Lower Specs-
- Tactical Lower, Machined from a 7075 T6 Mil-Spec Forging with Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish.
-Mil-Spec lower parts kit.
-Stainless steel trigger and hammer pins with Black Oxide finish.
-6 Position Mil-Spec buffer tube, castle nut and Properly staked latch plate.
-ST-T2 Tungsten Heavy buffer.
-Mil-Spec 17-4 stainless steel buffer spring.
Tactical M4 stock.
-Detachable Mil-Spec Forged A2 Carry handle
-Magpul 30rd Pmag
I can get this gun ONLINE for $799 +shipping. I do not know if they charge tax. The same dealer mentioned in Gun 1 charges $30 for the transfer fee if I order online. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty.
What do ya think? I like the idea of doing business with a local dealer verses online ordering, but is there much difference in these 2 guns? I am also more partial to the 1:7 twist, mainly because as I understand it, the 1:7 is a little more versatile in the ammo it shoots. I think if the local dealer carried gun 2 for the same price the gun would have already been bought and you would not be reading this post.

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I see you are on the coast, my 2 cents is this, go to jerrys shootin irons in ocean springs first and check prices, then go to dads in gulfport and see who has what. I know jerry personally and he will usually let you have it for not much more than what it has in it if you haggle a bit. He has a pof piston ar and quite a few others in stock.


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Thanks Bryan. Funny thing is, I have been in Ocean Springs all morning. Now back in Wiggins. Wish I would have seen this earlier! Dad's is the pawn shop I have visited several times and the one which gave me the above price for gun #1. Next time I find myself on the coast I will try to head over to OS and check out Jerry's.

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