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Sabots for centerfires

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I'm wondering about using sabots in centerfire rifles. Does anybody have any experience with this?

My main objective would be to try this in .45-70. I love the gun, but would love if it shot flatter. I wonder if there's a way to shoot, say, a 30 cal, 35 or even a 40 cal with a sabot, and thereby get higher velocities and flatter trajectories. Side benefit might be less recoil.

I can also see how it would be cool to have maybe a .224 bullet loaded in something like 270 or 308 for an ultra-flat shooting varmint round.

Are the components available for this kind of thing? Are there problems with shooting plastic down your barrel? Just wondering.
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I have some for 30 caliber. you load a 223 round in them. have not tried them in a while, but do have some. when i bought them i was thinking how they would work with a pulled ss109.
i had the d**k of a time loading them, finely maybe figured it out, had to prep my cases, except for sizing, prime, powder and set sabot in place, then size the case to lock the sabot on the case. otherwise it just pealed the sabot all to pieces. anyway that worked, just was not impressed. ss109 at close range would be devistating though.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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