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Safe place to buy a private party gun in Jackson

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Sometime this week I should be meeting up with a guy (that I do not know personally) to buy a gun. I have never purchased a firearm from someone I didn't know. Any suggestions on a decent place to meet in the jxn area? Obviously I don't want to go to a stranger's home who I know has a gun, and who knows I've got cash. I'm thinking a Walmart parking lot might not be the best place to be having such an exchange. Thanks in advance!
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^ What they said.

And wherever you do it, take an armed friend along.

Do it in the daylight.

And for sure, do NOT meet in the Home Depot/Target shopping center parking lot on the east side of I-55 North. You could have your car stolen, or worse. Ask me how I know . . .
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Hmmm, I’ve met someone in that parking lot before...

We had a car stolen 20 yards from the front door of Home Depot. We had as much trouble with the Jackson PD as we did the thief. That was in broad daylight on a Friday afternoon.

We were told that thefts and such are common there because it is so convenient to the Tougaloo students.
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I have done a ton of deals in the Target lot at Countyline Rd. Parking lot of ball park across from Bass Pro. Tell them Bass Pro the call them back and tell them you're across the street! I meet deplorables there all the time! Did Saturday. I think it was 6 of them.

But where ever it is take a friend or ask one of the old curmudgeons on here to go with you. You'd be surprised they're really a good bunch of old farts!
Y'all are confusing me:

Bass Pro and Sam's (which somebody else mentioned) are nowhere near Countylilne Road.

But Target is on Countyline Road, of course.

Off the topic, but who in their right mind would locate a Lowe's in the congested area of Countyline Road? Yeah, I know---technically it is NOT in the Jackson city limits, but it is a terrible place to try to get to and an area that is on the decline.
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