Safe place to buy a private party gun in Jackson

Discussion in 'Central Mississippi' started by Forestbrook, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. lazi

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    Who told you that?
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  2. Rw

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    Car theft and other theft is pretty common at home depot stores, they have gotten quite lax at prosecuting shoplifters. The majority of the cars stolen there have the keys left in them with more than half of those left running. All but one of the 5 or so stolen at clinton store when i worked there were running with no one in them.
    Main reason clinton got that store was the jackson store on 18 was infested with thieves so it was transferred. They lost a bunch of customers from that area with the move, they refused to come to clinton due to how thorough clinton pd is. That info came directly from customers btw..
    The north jackson store has always been high on the loss scale, ever since it opened. That came from the regional loss prevention manager. Its profits remain high despite the loss due to high traffic, that is only reason it has not been closed.

    Also that walmart on 18 at one time led the entire walmart chain in theft loss, that is from a now deceased walmart manager i knew. It now moves among the top spots with various other bad locations.
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    Good advice here. I've made several deals with guys where we were both carrying and never had a problem. I prefer PD parking lots for the reasons stated.

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    Stick to folks on this site, I would meet most of them anywhere , anytime.
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  5. Forestbrook

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    I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a G26 at a decent price.
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    Might want to post on the wanted section. Usually one will show up if they know someone is looking.
  7. Doc

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    Bass Pro - or Lowes in Flowood or Academy Flowood or Academy in Madison ....
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    ............. :yeah:

    I've done a "deal" in that ball park parking lot next to Bass Pro once upon a time... and went across the street to do another "deal" in the Sam's Club parking lot... :)
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    Y'all are confusing me:

    Bass Pro and Sam's (which somebody else mentioned) are nowhere near Countylilne Road.

    But Target is on Countyline Road, of course.

    Off the topic, but who in their right mind would locate a Lowe's in the congested area of Countyline Road? Yeah, I know---technically it is NOT in the Jackson city limits, but it is a terrible place to try to get to and an area that is on the decline.
  10. Ravendriver

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    I bought a Remington 870 shotgun this morning in front of Ridgeland PD. The lobby was closed, but there is an intercom which I used to advise a dispatcher that I was purchasing a firearm. She said thanks, and she would keep an eye out on their security cameras.

    At least three patrol cars drove by while I was there and no one stopped. I suspect that this is a common occurence, i.e. no big deal, and very safe.
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    I think me and Shoe did it right Friday...met at Berry’s in Florence. The Teen Challenge girls could’ve come to his rescue if I’d tried anything!

    After that buffet though, I had trouble staying awake at work later
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    I met one of our MSGO members at Love's in Flowood. I would meet somewhere in general public that was not too shady, a parking lot or restaurant works.

    When I am meeting someone, I am probably carrying, and I assume the other person is carrying.

    When I buy from someone, I like to keep my priate sale private. Really prefer not to answer stupid questions like, "If you are not sure you can trust a guy, why are you buying, selling, or trading a gun with him?" For that reason and what @rigrat said, I would shy away from meeting in a police parking lot.
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  13. Blue Moose

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    I always meet buyers/seller in the Bass Pro parking lot. It's generally a safe crowd and people don't look at you funny if you pull out a firearm.
  14. DEADEYE 1

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    When visiting friends in low places or high places, always carry Mastercard and Glock Ruger or S&W.
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    Awesome carry gun.
  16. rc

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    Hinds Co
    Parking lot of MHP !
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    I've used Kroger parking lots at I55 and Madison; and parking lot at Broad Street. But all transactions were with MSGO members.
  18. bubbat

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    I have met people at Bass Pro, Agi Museum parking lot, Flying J, and Walmart, but I don't have a problem meeting people most anywhere in Jackson, it ain't as scary as ya'll act like.
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    I’ll meet anywhere usually, but I choose places like BPS, Sam’s, etc. just for the other party’s sake in making them feel more comfortable.

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