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Said the Ed Brown to the Sig Sauer....

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"You REALLY think you can take me? Really?"

Thus began the day. Wednesday was a beautiful morning to try, argued the Sig, and being an Equinox Carry, she was a bit smug about it. The Kimber joined in at that point, saying that she also deserved a shot at the title, and that a Custom CDP was more than adequate for the task of knocking a couple 4" barrels off their rather "short" pedestals. I thought she might wanna zip that up, but you know how they can be.... As we were getting dressed to leave for the showdown, the HK USP45c quietly commented on the events of the day, and offered, with not a little pomp and circumstance, to bring a bit of German superiority to the party. So, the four of them went with me on a little road trip, for a bit of a trial, as it were.

We arrived at the "range," which is in fact an unused cow pasture that the owner has converted into a shooting range. He has 8" cast iron plates welded to chain link supports, which are in turn welded to supports 4' off the ground at 100, 200, and 300 yards. At 20 yards he has a 1/2" thick 6" and 8" steel swing plate mounted, which makes a very satisfying "DING" when properly addressed. Just for fun, I took a plastic 20 oz coke bottle to chase around. I'd never shot the Sig or the HK, so this was a bit of a learning experience for me as we went.

The Sig got to go first, since she was the one who opened the smack talk. I found her to be comfortable, if a bit unfamiliar to my 1911 trained hand. After an opening round of "Chase the Coke bottle," I found her sights to be set for the 6 o'clock position, and adjusted my aim accordingly. At 7 to 10 yards she was quite accurate, but when I started trying to hit the 20 yard metal I found her accuracy less than impressive. Admittedly, I was shooting standing offhand, and was just warming up. And, this was me we're talking about here...

Next was the HK. I have slightly larger than average hands, and found the shorter compact grips to be a bit of an adjustment. The initial long DA trigger pull, like the Sig, was disconcerting to a 1911 aficionado. Heck, I mentioned to her, a man could get shot several times before that long trigger pull finally made it home! After the first shot, of course, it's a much more comfortable trigger, and I actually found her trigger pull to be alarmingly light. Who knew? Accuracy was better than the Sig, and was center of target oriented, as I'm accustomed to on my other handguns.

Next up came the CDP. She was my first 1911, sold into slavery to finance the Ed Brown (for which she's never forgiven me, BTW), and then redeemed recently to be brought back home for good, hopefully. She shot as true as ever, and completely vaporized the Coke bottle at short range. At 20 yards offhand, she hit the metal over 95% of the time. So, I goaded her into a challenge. After shooting 10 shots at the 100 yard 8" plate, shooting offhand, she hit it twice. Not bad, she said, given the incompetencies of the handler. That only left one remaining contestant....

The Kobra Carry brought her game. I was already fairly sure she was getting MFGS (Most Favored Gun Status), so I had to guard myself against giving her extra perks, taking a moment longer to aim, etc. Her point of aim, like the Kimber, is dead center of that which is to be demolished. I noted that, compared to the Kimber stock night sights, the EB rear posts sit closer together, making (for me) an easier acquisition to the sight picture. The trigger breaks more cleanly than the others, slightly heavier than the HK but lighter than the rest. She hit all the metal at 20, and what with the fact that the CDP had already stepped up to the 100 yard challenge, I had to take that on for her. I heard the Sig quietly mention to the HK that the challenge seemed unfair since the EB only had a 4.25" barrel, but the HK scoffed at such a notion and asked Sig if she was really so weak in character that she would have pity on an inferior being. Strength of character and unbending drive toward a goal of perfection, she said, was the only existence for her... So I lined up and shot at the 100. First shot hit dirt waaaay back, indicating that I was trying to aim too high. So, I adjusted my aim to compensate, and next shot got a satisfying hit. Ah, easy enough... then the wind opened up, and I figured that was the last shot I'd hit. Of the 10 shots I allowed for such folley as a 100 yard .45 shot, I hit 4 (though one was a glancing blow, admittedly).

At this point the only sound was that of me laying down the KC to begin the process of collecting around 300 rounds of brass. As it turns out, grass has a strong affinity for once fired brass, choosing to hide it and camoflage it beyond belief. Of 300 rounds fired, I found only 255, and considered myself fortunate for that.

Meantime, very little conversation was made over on the bench. The competition complete, few congratulations were heard nor yielded. The HK stated simply that she had been cheated of the favor of past shooting experience, which the Sig immediately echoed. The CDP allowed that she'd been beaten fairly, but offered a rematch at any time the Kobra Carry might choose. For all the fuss and trash talk that had been dished out to her, the KC was still quiet, simply moving on with her existence with understated style and confidence. Which, confided the Sig later as I was cleaning her, is about the only thing understated about the EB, what with her gawdy snakeskin pattern and fancy fitted bushing....

Ah, living with the womenz....

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great read!...I think I heard a scoff from the vicinity of my holster at the mention of Kimber though :p
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