Salvage World (buy or not?)

Discussion in 'South Mississippi' started by Sonny H, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Sonny H

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    Have visited Salvage World over on Pass Rd a few times and they some decent equipment in there, prices aren't bad. Their return policy is good, 7 days full refund, no store credit. Anyone have any experience with regards to their power tools? Reliability, functionality, etc..? Saw a Ridgid 12" Miter Saw for $100. Retails for about $300 new. Need a miter saw, but the amount I would use it, I can't see putting out a ton of money. Opinions??
  2. Rw

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    Ridgid are solid tools, Same parent company as milwaukee and ryobi, and many others.
    If it passes a test of some heavy cutting you should be just fine.

  3. gunsinger

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    Petal, MS
    Love my Rigid palm sander.
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    I have been using a lot of Ridgid Saws and Drills for about 6 years. I think they are some of the best. As far as Salvage world goes; Give it a really good look over. And like it was said earlier, test it like crazy. If it runs good, you got a deal. Ridgid is a tool i don't mind buying second hand. I have a 12 YO Ridgid drill that i cant kill despite it being used very hard.
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