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Sandbags and your home

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I plan on bugging in, with my brothers, Mother, and Mother in Law and a few others. My house is brick except 20' or so in the front. What would you do to sandbag windows and such? I know get the bags but would you collect sand to fill the bags from new construction (the yard or two that is left after it's use it complete). I would, but don't know, should I just build a sand pile in the back on top of a tarp with bisqueen covering it from the elements? Where can you get good sandbags to be filled? As far as the sandbags, they would be in the house around windows and all so as not to bring attention to the house.
Ya'll done got me scared of the boogie man.
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what you scared of Bro...the great flood?...If I need sand bags...I'm outa there...Besides You'd have to have 20 dump trucks of sand at the ready and lots of Hooter's girls to fill em and stack em.... :p
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