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This is the new funny thread.

post away but there are some new rules.

no bad language. If you take the time to mark through a word cover it completely,if you can still read the word it’s not covered enough.

no nudity at all.

no political post.

no racist post

keep it clean.

If you violate any of these rules you will be given 1 warning. 2nd time 5 day time out. 3rd time 30 days.

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No pics or it didn't happen
We were in Curitiba. They are hung up on zombies and stuff.
The locals aren't as colorful or 'racy' as you would expect to find
in Rio.

Now I did see some bosoms. I cannot describe how delightful that was!
Didn't get caught looking, either!!! There are some beautiful females there!
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