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Savage '06 converted to 35 Whelen

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My 35 Whelen (being converted from a Savage 110 '06)

Its almost done now...

Thx Dixie Precision Rifles

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Krieger...if I remember right...I still got 4 guns being built...I usually go with a barrel the builder recommends...

Its a fat mutha aint it...Rifle is gonna be about 9 lbs I guess...

Don't matter to me...weight is your friend on a heavy recoiling gun...It aint my deer stalking gun...This is the chill out in the shoot shack and shoot nannies gun...I think its gonna be a good 'en...its getting a sweet rifle basics trigger right now....As good as a jewel....1/2 the price
Yep I've always lusted after an Encore...but I'm a "bolt" man at heart
Dixie Precision does a "straight out" break...instead of porting it to the side like most do....Not quite as much recoil reduction but they look better

mstropyhunter should chime in here with the details....
Not for primative weapon...maybe I will get to go elk hunting or Moose hunting one of these days...This one should definately get the job done 250 yards and in

She gets out Friday along with several others...man I got some guns to break in and sight in...
Lets see

To sight in I got a 280, a 22-250, a 30-30, 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby Mag, 444 Marlin and a 6mm Remington

To break In, I got a 260, and 35 whelen and a Tactical 308 being built still

Then there's checking my other deer rifles and one more F class match...

Yep I need some range time

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1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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