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Savage Mark II

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Ive been doin some research and digging, Since im waiting on my 22rf suppressor i wanted a good bolt action 22LR.
I went ahead and ordered a Savage Mark II-FV. Read alot of good and no bad reviews.

Just cant wait to get it in and get it threaded.
Alot of guys are getting them down to the .2" groups at 50yds with very little mods.

Any you guys have one these rifles?
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It's my next .22. What model did you buy?
Sweet I want to shoot it when you get it in.
Did you get it yet? If so how does it shoot?
MrClean said:
Well shoot..... looks like I need to order a Savage MK II now for my daughter to shoot in the .22 F-Class 'neck has going on now..... and a BSA as well...... damn ya'll !!
get her the mkll TR.
Is that the one that is completly free of the barrel?
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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