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Savage Mark II

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Ive been doin some research and digging, Since im waiting on my 22rf suppressor i wanted a good bolt action 22LR.
I went ahead and ordered a Savage Mark II-FV. Read alot of good and no bad reviews.

Just cant wait to get it in and get it threaded.
Alot of guys are getting them down to the .2" groups at 50yds with very little mods.

Any you guys have one these rifles?
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Now to figure out what scope i wanna put on it..
jakeg823 said:
Don't have one but I want one! Love a savage
what city you live in?
yea i was thinking a Mueller.. i got one my 308 and its more clear than any my other scopes.
I got some looking to do tho..
crazyace85 said:
What's that scope on your 300. Millet??? That thing is awesome. I may be ditching my BSA stealth tactical for one of them.
thats a millet LRS 6-25x56 its just a wee too big for the 22 haha.
Midway has the TRS on sale now for 279? I have 2 of them and thats the best scope for the money. It tracks straight and repeatable.
Xd357 said:
It's my next .22. What model did you buy?
its just the mark ii-fv
heavy barrel free floated, accutrigger, with scope bases, 5rd mag
I got it in, took the scope off my 308 and put it on there. Shot it some more at byram today. At 40yds it put 15 in the same hole. More i shot it the bigger the hole got cause i lost my aiming point.
So far i love it, went squirrel hunting saturday morning with it. Cci subsonics are pretty accurate and quiet. Hit one squirrel on the run at 20yds and dropped it drt. Furthest shot was bout 60yds.
I cant wait to get the can on it, then the tree rats are really gonna hate me.
DBChaffin said:
It's a shame, because I have this sweet little rimfire plate rack with different animial silhouettes (chicken, ram, turkey, prarie dog, pig, and seems like something else as I was thinking there were at least 6 plates) that is a blast to shoot. It's not official size or anything, but the smaller ones are a real challenge, especially at 50-100 yards, and it is resettable with the pull of a rope and can provide hours of entertainment.
So when are we gonna go get started on blastin them silhouettes?
DBChaffin said:
All it takes is a little time, and digging them out of the barn. I should try to get to it this weekend. Still can't shoot handguns (well not the way I want, anyway) for another month, so I ought to shoot something...
and 22s are about as cheap as your gonna get on ammo... so get to work :D

I got some squirrel hunting to do saturday morning and finish the rest of the day bush hogging.. boy what fun.
Mr Doug, I have been eyeing that scope for some time now after ive seen you suggest it several times.

I do believe my next NSS order will have that scope on it..

I took the Mueller 3-10x44 off my 308 and put it on my 22 for now..

I might end up putting the mueller on my 6.8spc and the Tasco T/V on my 22..

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