Savage Model 1899

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    Shot a couple more of my oldtimers today. Both are chambered in an obscure cartridge that's rarely seen today. I shot up all my reloads but this is a factory 190gr Winchester Silvertip. This cartridge was a contemporary of the .30-30 Win but slightly more powerful. It shot the 190gr bullet the same velocity as the 170gr .30-30 bullet.


    The top one is an 1899H Featherweight made in 1914 with a 20" tapered barrel. The bottom one is a 1904 model 1899B with a 26" octagon barrel. Savage changed the name to Model 99 around 1920. I used to see 99's regularly in pawn/gun shops but rarely see one anymore.



  2. Interesting looking rifles (I'll have to keep my eyes open) . Does it kick like a mule ? How's the triggers ?
    I have a Savage 116 in 375 Ruger (your round reminded me of it) it actually makes shooting my 45/70 a breaze .... lol
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    Recoils not bad but that curved steel buttplate on the 1899B will get to you after a dozen rounds.
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    I love a curved butt plate but have little experience with one on something with much recoil
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  5. That's one of the coolest features of the gun IMO the 99's don't have that .
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    Never seen one with the octagon barrel. Neat.

    I never cared for those rifles when they were cheap and easily found. Now that they’ve gained popularity and increased in price I‘ve finally figured out i like em. Ha
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    I have yet to find one. I think one in 300 Savage would make a good deer round.
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    I like the octagonal barrel, those are hard to come by. The 1899/99 models are still dependable deer slayers and are now collected by many people. I've got a couple of them that have typical finish wear but both the 308 and 243 still shoot better than minute of my old eyes. Like Joe, I didn't care for them when they were relatively inexpensive but have since learned how to appreciate quality and function over form.
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