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saw a funky armadillo today

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was out working today and saw an armadillo with half a tail and a skint up shell. guess it got hit by a car or something... dunno.

didnt have my phone on me so no pic but i felt sorry for the lil dude...
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Man armadillo hunting is one hell of a time! My dad has about 200 acres fenced off for a fox pin and the armadillos will short out the electric fence when they get tangled up it the wires which lets the cycotes and fox dig out. So every so often we walk the roads and fence lines w/ 22's and take 'em out. They're pretty hard to hit when they're on the run. But when i go by myself I'll use a 1911 to make it a little more interesting!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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