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saw a funky armadillo today

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was out working today and saw an armadillo with half a tail and a skint up shell. guess it got hit by a car or something... dunno.

didnt have my phone on me so no pic but i felt sorry for the lil dude...
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Ok here is my recent dillo storey. Yesterday i was out shooting off my sand bags at 200 yards with my .223 just playing around, and when all of a sudden right beside the target out walked a big old dillo i couldnt believe it ha long storey short he walked into the line of fire but he didnt walk out.
Yeah he did i shot him with a 55 grain hornady v-max .223 but yeah i hit him and he flipped and flopped like crazy finally he died but man it was crazy how high he could get
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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