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I'm in the process of setting up a LLC so I can purchase a suppressor. Now I've got some questions on a SBS. I hope there is an expert here that can guide me down the yellow brick road. First I assume that as long as I submit the paperwork, pay $200 and get approved it will be legal to build a SBS. Is this correct?

The project I've got in mind involves a SxS 12 ga that I picked up for parts. One of the barrels is bulged and can't be repaired so I planned to strip it and sell the parts on e-bay. I would like to cut the barrels to around 8" and put a pistol grip or a folding/collapsible stock on it. I'm not sure I'll know the exact length till I cut it and can look at the damage. Does the barrel length on the Form 1 have to be exact?

Will it be legal the convert it back and forth between the pistol grip and buttstock?

I got the gun basically free so I can build the SBS for the price of the tax stamp. I think this will be an interesting conversation piece if I can legally build. I might even be able to talk somone into firing it!! :lol:
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