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Scope for F-Class

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Which scope should I buy? I just bought a Remington 700SS 5r Milspec in .308. I would like to participate in F-Class competitions one day with this gun. Which scope should I buy for $1,000 or less? I have three in mind but am open to suggestions. The three I'm currently considering are:

Sightron's 8-32x56 (SIIISS832X56LRTD) ~$850; or
Sightron's 10-50x60 (SIIISS1050X60LRTD) ~$950 to $1K; or
Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30x50 ~$900.

What type of reticle should I pick?

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I use a cheap Millett LRS 6-25x56 on my 300wm. For $425 its nice. It gets thrown around in my truck all the time and have yet to get it off zero, along with over 250rds thru it..

Its a 35mm tube and its amazing how good you can see thru it at night. Not that everybody uses their rifles at night :evil:

Last match i had a 191 score on the second relay. Fought the bipod on the first realy and never could get it settled and ended up with a 178 :(

If its a clear scope then 10 power will be fine. Ive shot a 10" 3 cold bore shot group at 1000yds with my 270 using a millett 4-16 i had it set on 10 power so i could use the mildots.
10 power is what our boys use to use back in the day like Hathcock for example.
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