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Scope rings

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by rickymrtn, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. rickymrtn

    rickymrtn Distinguished Poster

    For some time now I’ve been using Leupold rifleman rings on guns with weaver bases. When in Walmart recently I’ve looked at the weaver rings the carry. Doesn’t anyone have any experience with the classic “traditional” weaver rings sold there or with the quad lock rings sold there. I really wanna know if anyone has used either in typical hunting rifle / caliber setups. I’m fairly sure they work fine for rimfire setups. Just not sure if they can handle higher power recoil. Also, wasn’t sure where to post this so admins if it needs to be moved please move accordingly. Thanks.

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  2. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Nocturnal Specialties

    The quad lock rings ive had issues with 300WM recoil and the scopes slipping bad.
    If your using a 223 243 22-250 they work fine!
    For the high round count 308s and larger like 300WM i just go to Burris XTR rings or Vortex that look like the XTR rings. I do have TPS rings on my 300WM tho. They are solid after 1000+ rounds.
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  3. lazi

    lazi Distinguished Poster

    I have some holding a Nikon 3-8x40 to a Handi Rifle in .270 win. I torqued them down with a Wheeler wrench. I really don't have a lot of rounds through this setup but so far so good.

    But... This is not my "go to" rifle for anything in particular. If it was I'd probably stick some Warne rings on it.
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  4. Vick

    Vick Distinguished Poster

    The standard Weaver rings will hold very tight to the scope, but you have to be careful tightening the rings since all the screws are on one side...the scope will tend to turn when you tighten the rings unless you alternate screws and keep checking to be sure everything is staying square. You see a lot of canted scopes in Weaver rings when the installer didn't pay close attention. I haven't used the quad locks much, but I would think they would behave (misbehave?) similarly. When mounting on the gun, push the rings forward against the base...that is the direction they will slip if they move at all due to heavy recoil.
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  5. Redlick83

    Redlick83 Distinguished Poster

    Never had an issue with them. I have used several sets from 556, 308, 35 whelen and even on a 458 socom until I was able to get a pepr mount.
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  6. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Full Poster

    Recommend putting picatinny rails on every rifle. It makes your life so much easier and is more durable & (arguably) accurate as well
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