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Scopes and accuracy

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If I put a scope on my AR and get it sighted in, could I remove it for a time then put it back on (the weaver style mounts with finger screws) and have it still be reasonably close to zeroed?
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I run a 3-9x40mm scope on my 16 inch AR-15 year round, cause anything up close I can point shoot out to 25 yards+ then go to the scope. Ask the guys at the last rifle side match after the USPSA match. I went first on Stage 1 and Stage 2 and after Stage 1, they were asking if I planned to have a seperate category for Optics versus iron Sights. Of course I had different categories but the scope made my hits so much faster and accurate even though the longest distance was maybe 80 yards. Scopes with a red dot mounted at 1 o'clock are very fast. On the close in targets, just point it like a stick and pull the trigger as fast as possible.
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