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Scores for the 7/13/2019 CMP Vintage Bolt Match at MRPC

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Here are the scores from the 7/13/2019 Vintage Bolt match. Congratulations to Mr. Smith! We had a great turn out. Had some new faces as well. Glad to see all of you take the time to participate and hope you had fun. Good diversity of rifles. Thanks to all those that participated and a special thanks to those that helped with setup and take down.

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I've definitely gotta practice more. That's pretty apparent.

Also have we heard how the guy with the M44 is doing?
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Hopefully a new bolt head and extractor will make the rifle function like it should. Glad to hear that you're on the mend.

Lance, winners might be required to produce banana pudding at the next match...It's somewhere in the rules. LOL
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