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Scores from the 10/05/2019 CMP 800 Aggregate Match at MRPC

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Here are the scores from the 10/05/2019 CMP 800 Aggregate match. Congratulations to Mr. Heidenthal! We were lucky and it stayed cloudy with no wind most of the morning. I think we are all enjoying this format as a good change from the normal highpower. We'll plan to do them again next year some. Thanks to all those that participated and as always, a special thanks to those that helped with setup and take down.

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Cooler weather definitely made it more enjoyable. Congratulations Dave, that was good shooting. Now we must get 3 rifles ready for state match next month.
Thank ya'll for keeping these matches going.
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Once you got that funky POI figured out you did great. Quite a score on your slow prone...with any rifle.
Thank you, you did some good scores in all stages, not just 1.
When I got home I pulled it apart and the lower stock ferrule fell off.
I'm having to build up the front of the stock with Devcon so the ferrule will stay on. I'll keep you posted on how it comes out.
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