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Scores from the 10/05/2019 CMP 800 Aggregate Match at MRPC

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Here are the scores from the 10/05/2019 CMP 800 Aggregate match. Congratulations to Mr. Heidenthal! We were lucky and it stayed cloudy with no wind most of the morning. I think we are all enjoying this format as a good change from the normal highpower. We'll plan to do them again next year some. Thanks to all those that participated and as always, a special thanks to those that helped with setup and take down.

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Cooler weather definitely made it more enjoyable. Congratulations Dave, that was good shooting. Now we must get 3 rifles ready for state match next month.
Thank ya'll for keeping these matches going.
Once you got that funky POI figured out you did great. Quite a score on your slow prone...with any rifle.
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Good shooting Dave on the win. I like how the two oldest men out there were in the top two spots. Makes me think I could have got third if I had been there. I have to say though that 194 by L Smith in slow prone should win a trophy.
What's that saying about "old age and treachery...";)
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