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Scores from the 11/02/2019 CMP State Match at MRPC

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We had a good turnout (though we had targets for more, so come on out next year if you missed it!). The morning started cold and damp and gave us some grief with pasters but we endeavored to persevere LOL and it was overall a great day for shooting.

Congratulations to Mr. McGehee for the Vintage bolt win, Mr. C Townsend for the M1 Garand win and Mr. Davis for the Service Rifle win! A huge thanks to all who came out and helped get this one set up and taken down and especially for Mr. Ralph for calling the match for us and also for Mr. Simpson and Shack for getting a jump on setup Friday evening! Hope to see the same great, or better, turnout starting in March! Thanks.

Here are the scores and the winner pics:

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Tree Event Team Recreation
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Tree Event Team Recreation Leisure
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Recreation Team
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Yeah plugged it into my default sheet, I’ll fix it in a little bit
You could definitely shoot either one of them for fun so plan to come on out in March. We’ll get a schedule up first of the year. As far as turning in the scores to the CMP, the synthetic would be a no go and the bolt we just need to see and evaluate. PM me if needed.
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