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Scores from the 5/7/14 CMP Highpower Match

Discussion in 'Vintage Rifle/M1 Garand' started by M1GarandFan, May 8, 2016.

  1. M1GarandFan

    M1GarandFan Distinguished Poster

    * Used optics

    Congrats to DevilDog on winning the match. These scores just keep getting better and better. I can remember when just breaking 400 would just about guarantee a match win. Thanks to all who came out and especially everyone who helped take everything down. Once again Uncle Ralph cooked a great lunch and helped by calling the second relay. I had hoped to get some practice in with the Garand, but had a loose gas tube and had to drop out. It is now fixed and ready for Talladega! I'm really looking forward to the trip.
  2. DevilDog

    DevilDog Distinguished Poster

    Good match. I always enjoy the fellowship.

    I have mixed feelings about the high score with the scope. On the one hand, I won (ha). On the other hand, I feel like I cheated (those high scores with iron sights are really something). On the other hand, my eyes need it more every day. On the other hand, I felt more accomplishment when I shot good with iron sights.

    I'm more proud of my Garand score than the AR score. I never have been worth much with a Garand.

    We'll see you all at Talladega!
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  3. shoeshooter

    shoeshooter Distinguished Poster

    Optics or irons, that's still some fine shooting at the upper reaches of that list.
  4. Finn 39

    Finn 39 Distinguished Poster

    Great shooting everyone. Special congrats to the top three. DD you have got that new set up working. T.Davis and P. Zinke you were close. Wish I could have been there.
  5. stewbaby

    stewbaby Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Congrats DD. Mighty fine scores up there guys.
  6. stewbaby

    stewbaby Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    ...going back and looking at the scores closer, I did well with the first relay Garand scores and just dominated the second relay bolt action scores
  7. L Smith

    L Smith Distinguished Poster

    Some really good shooting from everyone. Congratulations D.D. and LugerT. As always, enjoyed the heck out of it.
  8. L Smith

    L Smith Distinguished Poster

    That's impressive for the 1917's first outing. How was the shoulder feeling yesterday? I'm just glad I didn't have a
    bolt action Garand this time.
  9. stewbaby

    stewbaby Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    ...still sore (the 20 rounds thru the Mosins Sunday didn't help).
  10. LugerT

    LugerT Distinguished Poster

    Nice shooting devildog ! I look forward to our rematch in Talladega, hopefully some leg points will follow us home.
  11. LugerT

    LugerT Distinguished Poster

    1 of 1 is still #1 :lol2: