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check these guys out... i have heard a few people tossing the name around as a pretty good knock off of a nightforce.
saw a used one at the gun show i went to with my pops a few weeks ago and it looked pretty sweet.. it was a 8-32x50 for $300 and was sitting on top of a tricked out JP AR. the old man said it would hold its own against a night force except for early morning and late evening light conditions.. anyone heard/owned/handled one?

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I suppose there's them that'd make the claim that a $300 Chinese scope is equal to a Nightforce even up. On the other hand, almost no one can screw up the sight picture at 100yd...(and even there, a Nightforce would goose-step over a cheap imitation) I'd like to see that cheaper scope matched up against a Nightforce in 80* weather and 80% humidity at 600yd. I'll bet $300 buys you soup at 1000yd in any weather.

Better yet, "early morning and late evening" are where the pretenders are revealed. Even if you're not concerned about shooting a target in the shade or only between 9am-3pm with the sun at your back, I'd still opt for better. "$300" with inflation is probably equal to the year 2000's $200 scopes--Tasco, Simmons, Bushnell, et. al.

"Seals Optics, a product of Vision Net International, was established in 2000..." and yet the Seals website claims (after 10yr in business) that they're still upgrading the webpage to take internet orders... otherwise it's phone orders only?!? I betcha get an answering machine with that phone call. Er, ahh, lemme see what the bidness looks like:


I swear that looks like a two-story house... I'm guessin' that $300 Nightforce knockoff costs $30 at the docks in China...

NOOO! don't do it...

and I wouldn't trust that old man at the show, neither.
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