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Seeking advice on CMP M1 Classifications

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I've read the descriptions for Field, Rack, Service and Special grade on the CMP website, but I'm looking for persons with 1st hand knowledge of what you get for your money.

If you were buying a CMP M1, would you purchase a:

Field Grade for $650

Field Grade for $950 (guaranteed to be IHC receiver)

Service Grade for $750

Special Grade for $1050 (competely refurbished rifle)

Special Rack Grade for $700 (partially refurbished WRA receiver - Heavy Pitting above wood line)

Special Rack Grade for $650 (partially refurbished ??? receiver - Heavy Pitting above wood line)

Also, I'm trying to figure out if higher or lower numbers are better for muzzle and throat erosion.
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It depends a lot on your tastes. Personally I don't want new wood, new barrel, re-parked. Some do, and I respect their choice. I have always found one that to my eye was a hidden gem among the rack and field grades at the South Store. This will require a trip to Anniston, but you get the pleasure of picking out "your" rifle.
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Well, after a fair amount of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, I’ve concluded that I’ll be mail ordering a Service Grade ($750) M1 just as soon as I can get a copy of my birth certificate from vital records (already ordered).

I emailed The CMP to be sure they were still accepting mail and while their answer was “yes”, they would not elaborate as to whether or not they are fulfilling mail orders for rifles during their Covid-19 shutdown. So, my order might sit in the sorting office until they reopen in May. I toyed with the idea of driving to Anniston, but I couldn’t convince the wife and kiddo to make the trip with me in early to mid May. I don’t do long drives alone anymore, as I have a tendency to fall asleep at the wheel.

At any rate, now that my mind is set on what rifle I’m going to order, I’m now turning my attention towards Ammo and reloading supplies. So, what’s a good source for factory loaded surplus M2 ball, repro M2 ball, or it’s equivalent? And how much is too much to pay for factory Ammo?

And secondly, where should I look for empty brass, be it once fired military surplus or mixed head stamp range pickups. Not looking for pre cleaned or processed brass, I can do all that myself. Also, how much is too much for brass? I’ve seen processed stuff selling for as much as $0.40 cents a piece and as little as $0.28, though the cheap stuff was “out of stock”.
Until they ran out three or so years ago CMP sold Greek (HXP) ammo. I think it was about $.75/round towards the end.

As for brass, I suggest you place a want ad here. 30-06 ain't rare if you're not picky.
You can also join one or more of the reloading groups on MeWe. I've bought some brass through there before. Gives you a good idea of pricing as well.

You can save considerable money loading your own Garand food.
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Prvi, S & B, and others make Garand specific rounds at around a buck or less each. May take some searching to locate some.
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That's a heck of a deal. Too bad I'm not checking a paycheck these days.:(
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