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Seeking advice on CMP M1 Classifications

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I've read the descriptions for Field, Rack, Service and Special grade on the CMP website, but I'm looking for persons with 1st hand knowledge of what you get for your money.

If you were buying a CMP M1, would you purchase a:

Field Grade for $650

Field Grade for $950 (guaranteed to be IHC receiver)

Service Grade for $750

Special Grade for $1050 (competely refurbished rifle)

Special Rack Grade for $700 (partially refurbished WRA receiver - Heavy Pitting above wood line)

Special Rack Grade for $650 (partially refurbished ??? receiver - Heavy Pitting above wood line)

Also, I'm trying to figure out if higher or lower numbers are better for muzzle and throat erosion.
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Stew got it all right. Let me know if I can help Chris.
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Cosmetic. If for some reason it did look like they did let one slip through, You could post pictures here for Zink and others to evaluate. You’re not too far from Doug Bowser, right? (Not withstanding the current distancing requirements).

If there was any issue with it CMP will make it right
The pitting would be strictly a cosmetic issue. More important are the throat & bore wear numbers, whether you wish to compete or just want to be able to hit the target at SWGC 100yd. Not to sound panicky about this but over the past 10 years, the CMP's aggressive advertising program as well as the relaxation on both qualification and limits on purchasers has virtually eroded the remaining stocks of M1 "Garands". So if you want one, the sooner you make a purchase, the better. Your purchase will always hold its value and should you wish to do so, you could resell in a heartbeat. It's a no-lose purchase.
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It depends a lot on your tastes. Personally I don't want new wood, new barrel, re-parked. Some do, and I respect their choice. I have always found one that to my eye was a hidden gem among the rack and field grades at the South Store. This will require a trip to Anniston, but you get the pleasure of picking out "your" rifle.
Shoe is right, if you can make the pilgrimage, do it. Otherwise if you just want a shooter, plain and simple, go the way you're leaning. It still won't lose value over the years. They aren't manufacturing these anymore. So you can have a shooter, if it's a new aftermarket barrel no worries about wear, and resale value will be there if and when you want or need to sell it.
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