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Selling Accesories at Gun Shows

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I would like some opinions on this and maybe some ideas. I am considering selling gun accessories at Gun Shows. I am thinking my initial investment will be $1000.00. So I am going cheap. I am thinking of starting with NCStar products. I contacted them and its pretty easy to get started with just a license (Do you even need a license for gun shows) and a contract. They will do a thousand a month no problem. Actually even way less. I have heard several people on here say its not the guns at gun shows that make money, its the accessories. So is there money to be made? If you had $1000 startup what would you buy to resell? What would you do different than what I am thinking of doing?

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I agree with Doug, I worked the shows with him when he and Powers had Great Southern Arms. The markup on accessories is better than that on firearms; I guess you would have to decide if you want to pay the promoters for tables every weekend, + gas and time for travel to the shows, pay for hotels + food, and would you make enough to pay for all those expenses. On the other hand you might do quite well with a modest internet-based business, if you can link to sites and / or get your web address out. I went on the 'net 4 years ago with my translation business and while it has ups and downs, I have done more translation business since then as a result of being on the web, than in ALL of the 20 years prior. That is the way to go as a business model, especially for part-time entrepeneurs.
My 2cents...
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