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Of course this match is dependent on the range's dirtwork status.

This is a "shotgun" match, but pistols and PCC's are welcome! The targets will be 80% steel, 10% clays, and 10% paper, so you can shoot whatever you want. Pistol/PCC will have steel alternate targets for the clays.

We will have four 3GN classifier stages, so this would be a great match to get your 3GN Shotgun Classification. This will be super quick setup, reset, and tear down.

We have a few spare shell caddies if you want to shoot shotgun and get your classification. We will probably be giving some away, raffling them, or selling them if you would like to buy one.

Register here.



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Based on the rains we have had they are NOT going to be finished in 2 weeks. They have made good progress but a lot more work to do.
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