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  1. I will be sharpening knives out front at the gun shows. I will be working all of David's shows from now on, the Beans starting in December and the Milsteads after the first of the year. Come by and tell me your from MSGO and your first knife is free. Some of you know me, most of you don't, I'm not knocking the guy, but I'm not James.

    Thanks and "Sure shooting, I'll see you there!"


    Edited to add: At most shows I will have Worksharps, Arkansas Stones, Strops,All manner of sharpening paraphernalia and maybe a gun or 2
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    Do you set up with the people who have all the knife parts?

  3. Yes, but they won't be at Natchez

    Their names are Gloria and Donnie Kinard. My wife will be working with them and I will be up front on the shows they do.
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    Are there any shows in the northern half of the state?
  5. Greenville, Southhaven and Batesville
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    Many listed here: Mississippi Gun Shows
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    I took some kitchen knives to cmmj63 yesterday at the Wahabi show. I was pleased & my wife is very happy with the job he did on them. I highly recommend his services.
  8. It was nice meeting you and Phillip. I wish more members would have come by.
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    I stop by but there was a woman at the booth. I sharpen my own knives however. would have said hello although.
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  10. That was my daughter, I was probably taking a break. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Hate I missed you.
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