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shifting gears...

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Since I am not going to be spending the money on a non fluted cylinder
for the 44 mag :( I have decided to bring my carry gun up to speed. Here
are a few mods I have in store for it in the upcoming days.

New grips:

Pretty sure I am going with these. This guy specialises in grips for Dan
Wessons. He does excellent work, and I am already VERY impressed with
his professionalism and customer service! These grips bring the length
down to a more concealable level to make the pistol a little easier to

New holster:

Rob has made several holsters for me and several other members on this
forum. I will get mine with IWB loops for carry, but have the option to
OWB carry, as well as cross draw. I really like these holsters.

And bobbed hammer.

I am gonna try this mod myself with my dremel tool and some cold blue.
All the feedback I have gotten from the forums say that I should see no
ill effects from bobbing the hammer so I will try it and see. My concern
was if taking all that weight off the hammer will cause any failures to
fire. I wouldn't think so and I have seen smiths done this way, but this
aint a smith, so...

Anyway, I am getting excited that I will have something good going on
here soon! May work on the bobbed hammer tonight?
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ok, my dremel was in my truck which was in the shop, so i didnt get to fool with bobbing the hammer... and i havent totally decided i want to, or that if i do, that i want to do it myself...


i did order the Simply Rugged Sourdough with IWB clips last week. Should be here in under 6 weeks.

Then I emailed Lawrence Bruce at www.Lbcustomgrips.com and told him what I was looking for. He said he would drop a couple samples in the mail for me to try out on my DW to see what I liked better. Well, They came in yesterday.

What an artist! The grips he sent me was the "Speed Grip" and the "Shootist"

I decided on the "Shootist" as the one I want.

Here are some pics of the different grips on the pistol.

Stock Pachmyer gripper grips

LBCustomGrips "Shootist"

LBCustomGrips "Speed Grip"

I will have a little shaved off the bottom of the "Shootist" to give it almost a bob tail look, and I will order it in a dark wood (rosewood or similar).
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He can do anything you can think of from mild to wild. He is doing a set for the new member here Pinetor for one of his and its gonna be a little on the wild side.
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