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Shipping A Rifle

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May have already been answered elsewhere, but -

I'd like to ship a rifle (.22lr and not any of that tacticool or black stuff) I own to my brother who lives in another state. Not a sale or anything like that, I just need him to do some work on it for me.

Question - can I ship it directly to him? My door to his? Or, do I need to get an FFL involved?

Thanks all -

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How about gun parts??? If you had a little bit of trigger work you wanted done or if say the firing pin needing replacing, where does the law stand about shipping a bolt or trigger group. That may be a option for the OP to just ship the part needing work done to it.

On a side note did anyone scroll all the way through those ATF rules and see about how you can register your potato gun. I mean C'mon man who register a potato gun.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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