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shooting 'big bore' is too expensive.. can .22 long range?

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I've been thinking about using my Ruger 10/22 instead, to practice .308 long-range shooting. Can the experience be "transferable"? I mean, I know the experience I gain gauging for drop and wind are common to all calibers, but at what distance should I practice with the 10/22 if I wanna play like it was a .308 at 600 - 1000 yards?

Thank you.
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Hi Leland,

What do think 200yd w/ .22LR immitates as far as comparable distance with .308 ballistic coefficients?
msredneck said:
+1 on 223

learn to reload centerfire rifle ammo and cast your own bullets
I do reload, but for .308. I've got plenty stocked for reloading but wanna "practice on the cheap", as also described by others.
I save all my casting time and lead for .45acp. I don't actually understand what advantage there is besides cost to the suggestion of casting rifle bullets... I wouldn't be able to drive them nearly hard enough for long range practice I don't think (I'm thinkin' 600yd+).

All I wanna do is practice drop and wind, and 22LRs can do that for me... but I was hoping there'd be a "comparable distance relationship" between .308 and .22LR where BCs might resemble each other.

Thanks to All.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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