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shooting 'big bore' is too expensive.. can .22 long range?

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I've been thinking about using my Ruger 10/22 instead, to practice .308 long-range shooting. Can the experience be "transferable"? I mean, I know the experience I gain gauging for drop and wind are common to all calibers, but at what distance should I practice with the 10/22 if I wanna play like it was a .308 at 600 - 1000 yards?

Thank you.
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I see no problem with using the 22 for long range. Depending on the length of your available range you can shrink your targets for the longer range effect. It will still help you with breathing and trigger control and do it on the cheap. What's not to like there.
You can also make your targets smaller and smaller and keep stretching the distance.
My best isn't that good! Mine is the 410 brass of a shot shell.
Shooter said:
I watched a shoe about Steel Challenge shooters last Wednesday night. One of the top competitors is a Japenese who prctices in Japan with an airsoft.
I've seen him shoot. He has a very unconventional style, but he has been disqualified on more than one occasion too.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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