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Shooting range in Brooklyn?

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I hope this is the right seciton, please move it according if it's not. Yesterday I picked up a firearm from a local forum member here and took a buddy along with me. On the way back he mentioned a range he goes to in Brooklyn, so we figured we'd stop by it. Long story short, we took a wrong turn and by the time we realized it we needed to head back to town as I had prior plans. He said he wasn't sure the name of it, as he usually just tags along with a family member. I am just wondering if anyone knows exactly where this range is and/or the name of it. Also can anyone go or do you have to be a member?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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That is exactly what I was looking for locrawlr. I just wanted to make sure this was indeed a legitimate range, as he was very fuzzy on the details himself. I already see the mistake we made. At the fork we took a left instead of going "right". (Straight.)
Thanks for the heads up. I was afraid it may be a setup similar to that, but I will still be checking it out soon. Like you, it's not so far away that I won't hesitate to just turn around if I feel uncomfortable. I'm just glad that there is a range somewhere nearby to shoot at.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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