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Shooting range in Brooklyn?

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I hope this is the right seciton, please move it according if it's not. Yesterday I picked up a firearm from a local forum member here and took a buddy along with me. On the way back he mentioned a range he goes to in Brooklyn, so we figured we'd stop by it. Long story short, we took a wrong turn and by the time we realized it we needed to head back to town as I had prior plans. He said he wasn't sure the name of it, as he usually just tags along with a family member. I am just wondering if anyone knows exactly where this range is and/or the name of it. Also can anyone go or do you have to be a member?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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BarryH said:
How much $$$?
Welcome to MSGO...This thread is a bit old, but if the question is how much does it cost to shoot at the forestry range in Brooklyn, the answer is free.

Open every day sunup to sundown. We are planning a Meet and Greet there (and the Ash Lake facility) at the end of next month. Info here: http://www.msgunowners.com/t43569-9-28-13-mini-meet-and-greet-new-info-posted
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