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Shooting ranges in Meridian area?

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Going to be living out of an RV in the Meridian area for a week starting today. Wondering if anybody can point me to a shooting range in the area? Preferably something with at least 100 yards... Thanks!
-- Steve
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the range in ellisville, pinebelt rifle and pistol club, NRA, CMP, private membership. exit 88 off 59, go west on graves road 4.5 mile, you will go see a plant nursery on the right, look left. 2 dirt drive ways, one is Mr. Iras drive the range is the dirt road to the right after you tuen on the dirt drive,. that is also Roland Graves driveway. there will be signs directing you to the range open 830 to 6 M-F, 1230 to 6 sunday. you are free to check it out, 25 yards to 400. pm me and ill meet you there sometime. Its like a home away from home to me.
25 yard to 100 yard covered around 75 yards across. 300 yard open bench and 400 yard covered.
I can bring guests. need to load some ammo, need to get some.
Camp shelby is a good place, but as you found out can be a hassle.
well do it some time soon. what are you all sooting?
oh, there is a NRA hi-power shoot every 3rd saturday morning, members and non members can shoot, must be an NRA member to participate.
Only closed during the matches, usually open by early afternoon. saturday is 830 to 6. LOTS of good folks.
you need your own bench rest. tables are set up and rerady to shoot. have not seen the new 400 yard shooting cover they just built it. i need to work up a few rounds too
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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