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Shooting ranges in Meridian area?

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Going to be living out of an RV in the Meridian area for a week starting today. Wondering if anybody can point me to a shooting range in the area? Preferably something with at least 100 yards... Thanks!
-- Steve
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Hey Savage,

What are the ranges like at PBRPC? Are we talking covered benches or just a field with some burms set up? Is it really closed on Saturday like your post says??

I talked with Mr. Ira on the phone about a year ago. He told me that it was a private club and a referral was usually required to join. I was just probing at the time so I thanked him and said goodbye.

I live in the city. Recently I lost access to the area my kids and I use to shoot. Since then I have been driving out to Camp Shelby, but that is usually a hassle since we can't always set up in the same spot, finding a good spot can be difficult, and we get run off by troops doing manuvers at times.

If the same invitation is extended to me, I will like to take you up on that some time soon. I need a safe, stable place to bring my little markswomen.
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Pistols, .22lr, and .223 mostly. We go through a ton of .22lr.

I'm not into competition, but it would be fun to hang out and watch.

I'll PM you in advance when it looks like I'm going to have some free time on the weekend.

Is it closed on Saturday or was that a typo?
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