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Built a 4 wheeler bridge for my old man this morning.
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bigsig said:
Is that gonna be wide enuff for a wheeler? I have one u built about 6 years ago o the crick behind my house. Just a foot bridge for the kids to get to granny and papas house.
yeah, it's gonna have 3" on each side of his honda rancher. We're probably gonna nail some sides on it for when it gets slippery.
GunOneDown said:
you'd better put sides on it, b/c come winter, a little frost and somebody will get wet. what about if you or somebody else has a bigger/wider bike????????????
looks good though.
You know, I asked my dad about someone else's bike, and he said ain't nobody else got no business back there in his hunting spot anyway. :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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